South African manufacturer achieves higher production efficiency and superior block quality with the Vertical Block Moulding Machine from our company. The equipment boasts a robust mechanical structure featuring high-strength rectangular square pipes and steel plates that have undergone standard heating treatment. The result is a highly durable machine with excellent corrosion resistance.

Moreover, the German electronic connecting pressure gauge and safety valve provide multiple layers of protection for stable and reliable equipment operation. Additionally, the machine boasts an automatic control system comprising a Siemens PLC and industrial touch screen, making it easy to operate.

Our EPS block machine also features a foam pressure sensor that automatically controls cooling degree, and a material level sensor that can control feeding automatically. All these advanced features enable automatic operation from feeding to cooling, thus reducing human labour and enhancing production efficiency.

Our client chose us because of our machine's excellent quality, advanced features, and superior customer service. They were impressed with the machine's durability, automation, and high-quality block production. Our experienced technicians provided them with exceptional technical support and maintenance services, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient horizontal EPS block machine, our Vertical Block Moulding Machine is the ideal choice.


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