SMED Series Shape Moulding Machine

Single minute exchange of die series shape moulding machine, the developed series based on QDCS series. This series of machine can achive that change mould around 5 - 30 minutes by 1 labour only. Highly improved productivity in mould exchange.

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Automatic protection and alarm system using digital parameter display, fault monitoring, multi-state operation indicator, motor operation status monitoring and protection, can monitor each part of the production action link. The machine is equipped with an alarm indicator (red and green), a system hardware I/O detection function, a function for setting the pressure and flow rate of each section, a function for storing the mould parameters, a process graphic display and statistics.
The quick-change machine is equipped with a hydraulic mould locking mechanism and a "one-key locking" function, which allows the mould to be changed within 2 to 5 minutes by simply pushing and pressing a button, and the product is guaranteed to be ready after 5 minutes; the efficient vacuum achieves a moisture content of about 5% in the product, and the final product is packed directly into the warehouse without drying.

Touch Screen: SUTUAN 

PLC: SIEMENS - Germany

Encoder: AUTONICS - Korea

Steam Valve: GEMU - Germany

Barrel Pressure Valve: DURIA - Germany

Mold Filling Valve: DELE - Germany

The Electromagnetic Valve: SMC - Japan

Air Treatment Combination: SMC - Japan

Pressure Sensor: COSYS - Italy

Digital Proportional Valve: COSYS - Italy

Display Pressure Gauge: AFRISO - Germany


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