The Block Molding Machine

When molding bricks, the block molding machine usually has complex process. And many producers worry where they can get the materials and whether the materials are expensive. Since the professional brick made machine appeared on the market, the users will not worry. The raw materials of bricks are easy to get, such as slag, grave and sand. Even the construction rubbish and industrial waste can be used as the raw materials, so it is easy to get the cheap materials to make bricks. The bricks moulding machine provided by SUTUAN Machinery, makes bricks without burning, and the simple process ensures easy operation. We have Eps Pre-expander、 Eps Block Moulding Machine、Eps Shape Moulding Machine、One-Touch Change Mould Machine、Fast Mould Change matter what capacity block machine you need, we can try our best to customize one according to your needs.   

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